Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents / Guardians

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all participants, coaches, volunteers, parents, staff and all those associated with PASC activities. It is important that those involved should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the welfare of others. The essence of good ethical conduct is summarised below. As a parent or guardian you will be expected to abide by the following Code of Conduct.

    Complete and return the Medical Information Form as requested by the Club and detail any health conditions/concerns relevant to your child on the consent form.

    Any changes in the state of your child’s health should be reported to the Coach prior to swimming sessions.

    Ensure the Club has up to date contact details for you and any alternative person.

    Ensure that your child arrives for the session at the required time and with the appropriate equipment / kit.

    All members from session 1 and 2 of the club must have his or her parent/ guardian on site with them at all times.

    Children should be supervised at all times when not under the instruction of the teachers before and after leaving the pool. The club is only responsible for your child poolside, during lessons.

    If parents leave site, they will get a warning, a second time of leaving site may result in the child losing their place at the club.

    All Parents / Guardians, for the safety of your child, must ensure that the swimming lessons have not been cancelled.

    Ensure that you collect your child promptly at the end of the session and advise the person in charge if your child will need to leave the activity early or, if your child will be picked up by someone other than yourself.

    Respect the rights, dignity and worth of participants, teachers, coaches, volunteers, staff, officials and their decisions.

    Ensure that, both you and your child adhere to the PASC Code of Conduct, Child Protection and Equity Policies.

    Place the safety and wellbeing of all participants above the development of performance.

    Pay any fees for your child’s activity promptly (unpaid fees will result in your child not being allowed to access sessions).

    Support your child’s involvement, help them enjoy their activity and be a good sport.

    Ensure that your child participates for fun and not just to please you or the coach.

    Share any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the activity via our email address

    Endeavour to establish good communications with those in charge of the activity.

    All Parents / Guardians should use appropriate language at all times and should discourage anyone from challenging or arguing with Coaches / volunteers / staff / officials.

All Parents / Guardians should be aware that discriminatory, offensive and violent behaviour are unacceptable and all complaints will be acted upon.

Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in the termination of your child’s attendance at PASC activities.



 Swimmers are expected to attend swimming lessons regularly, and on time.

 Swimmers who do not attend for 3 weeks consecutively, without having notified their swimming teacher, the register attendants or contacting our secretary, will have their membership lapsed.

 All members from session 1 and 2 of the club must have his or her parent / guardian on site with them at all times.

 All Parents/guardians must ensure that the swimming lessons have not been cancelled

 Fees must be paid promptly, before the end of the preceding term.

 The Club is not responsible for the swimmers until they are on poolside.

 Behaviour and Personal Conduct

 Swimmers must be dressed appropriately; no baggy shorts/bikinis are to be worn.

  No jewellery will be worn and all long hair will be tied back.

  Swimmers behaviour must at all times be of a high standard and reflect favourably on the Club.

  Running is forbidden on poolside.

  Swimmers must behave appropriately in the Changing Rooms,

  Swimmers must use the lockers, not leave clothes in changing rooms and respect other swimmers’ clothes and belongings.

  Use of photographic/video equipment, including mobile phones with cameras, is strictly forbidden, unless with prior permission from the Club and Leisure Centre.

  No swimmer may enter the water without official permission from their teacher.

  In all sessions swimmers are to behave and respond to the teachers instructions.

  Equipment must be used carefully and not mistreated.


 The Club must be notified of swimmers medical conditions and medication being taken.

 The Club will be notified of any changes to children’s health and medical needs.

 It is important that necessary medication is brought to every swimming lesson.

Sanctions Breach of the Code of Conduct shall be dealt with firstly by the swimmer’s teacher. The information will be reported to the Secretary and Chairman, who shall take further action as is deemed necessary, including referral to the committee.

Any member found misbehaving will:

Be given a warning by their teacher. If behaviour continues;

Sent to the bench for a set time, e.g., 5 – 10 minutes, the Secretary and Chairman will be informed;

If behaviour persists, the swimmers parents/guardians will be contacted;

Any swimmer past this stage, with continued misbehaving will be given 1 week leave of absence from the Club;

Consistent misbehaving will result in swimmers names being taken to the next committee meeting, and discussions of the action decided there.